As a speaker Dr. Perry likes to wear a bowtie and he thought it would be a good idea to place a bowtie on his 4 year old son Coleman who attended speaking events with him. The audiences loved the father son matching bowtie look. After a couple of years the idea of creating his own bowtie line that would allow the father and son to dress alike was born. In the early stages of development Dr. Perry wanted to include his 13-year-old daughter Camryn, so he asked her to become the Chief Designer with the responsibility of choosing the patterns for the bowties. After working hard to source a manufacturer, the PV Neckwear brand came to life, representing a father’s desire to share something with his children. The amazing thing is the initial $250 investment turned into $16,000 in sales within the first six months of operations.


PV stands for P5 with the “P” representing Perry and the “V” representing the roman numeral 5, indicating the five members of Dr. Perry’s family. The premium brand consists of bowties, pocket squares, cufflinks, ascots, scarves, and neckerchiefs. Dr. Perry’s vision is to provide fashion accessories that would distinguish the wearers of the PV Neckwear brand from every person in the room. However, the most important aspect of the brand is that the father and son will always have the ability to dress alike.